Analyse risk in litigation

Reduce risk for all parties and protect against poor outcomes with advanced litigation risk analysis capabilities.

Identify and evaluate settlements

Simulate opponent viewpoints, identify settlement opportunities and evaluate settlement offers with an advanced platform for settlement analytics.

Simulate opponent viewpoints

Simulate opponent viewpoints, behaviour or psychology and understand the impact it may have on settlement strategy.


Identify optimum settlement ranges and realistic settlement values between parties based on the relative risk to each side. 

Evaluate and log offers

Record and evaluate offers and make informed decisions on whether a better outcome could be achieved through continued litigation or trial.

Quantify Savings

Assess the value of a settlement to your side based on the risks in the case. Quantify and measure cost savings from settlement.

Analyse and compare strategies

Identify the most likely outcomes and compare strategies and perspectives to create clear cost/benefit analysis for clients.


Analyse the probability of potential outcomes occurring, and help clients understand the most likely routes in the case.


Fulfil contractual obligations and satisfy regulators by creating clear cost/benefit analysis for clients.

compare strategies and perspectives

Compare strategies or differing opinions and decide on the optimum route based on risk and data.


Reduce risk

Protect your firm from poor outcomes and fulfil regulatory or ethical obligations to advise on the possibility of settlement.

Inform strategy

Make informed strategic decisions based on financial analysis and head into negotiations understanding the value of your case.

Manage client expectations

Manage client expectations with a risk-based, analytical approach to litigation that puts the client’s interest first.



The most comprehensive cloud-based solution for modelling and visualising financial litigation disputes


Inform strategy, manage client expectations and satisfy regulators with advanced litigation risk analysis


Monitor case progress, optimise outcomes and learn from data with a powerful platform for financial analysis.

Live chat support

Get help in real time with live chat support included on all plans.

Expert consultancy

Book expert consultancy sessions for complex or high value disputes.

Team training

Learn how to assess risk in litigation with on-site or video call training.


Work collaboratively with your team and clients with cloud based models.


Valid in all legal jurisdictions and can accommodate local legal practice.