Settle claims with confidence

Reduce the cost of casualty claims, get visibility over litigation and improve case reserve accuracy with the SettleIndex litigation risk platform.

Settle claims with confidence

At the heart of SettleIndex is the power to change legal process and culture by providing data to support earlier settlement decisions.

Settle claims faster

Avoid costly defence and investigation processes by making earlier, risk-based settlement decisions with confidence.

Justify decision-making

Augment professional legal opinion with a scientific approach to risk management and justify settlement decisions.

Improve risk analysis

Ensure legal counsel are taking costs into account and making realistic assessments of the risk of different outcomes.

Litigation Dashboard

Get visibility over litigation

Monitor claims in litigation and measure the performance of claims and counsel through comparative metrics and visual dashboards.

Measure performance

Measure the performance of claims and counsel with a range of indicators. Set meaningful metrics based on your goals.

Monitor claims in litigation

Get visibility over claims in litigation through visual dashboards and reports. Monitor portfolios of claims with meaningful metrics.

Improve efficiency

Get digital reports that streamline operational efficiency for claims handlers and cut through noise with clear comparative metrics.

Improve capital allocation

Collect structured data on claims in litigation and use it to improve case reserve accuracy and capital allocation.

Improve case reserve accuracy

Enable consistent case reserving across business lines and law firms, customised to your reserving philosophy.

Support data initiatives

SettleIndex provides a wealth of data that can be exported to data science teams, actuaries or existing modelling systems.

Obtain competitive advantage

Build up a proprietary data set of litigation activity and use it to inform future claims and obtain competitive advantage. 

Lloyd's Lab

SettleIndex has been selected as one of eleven startups from 177 applications to join the next cohort of the insurtech accelerator.