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Litigation data collection

SettleIndex collects structured data on litigation, driving innovation in performance management and ways of working.

Collect structured data

Build up a completely proprietary data set of detailed litigation activity to inform future disputes and obtain competitive advantage. Analyse data within the application or export via our API to data science teams.

Analyse patterns and trends

Analyse patterns with visual dashboards, and build reports based on your objectives. All data points across SettleIndex can be segmented by lawyer/firm, jurisdiction, dispute type and industry sector.

Aid compliance and audits

Collect detailed data on decision-making and justification to aid compliance and retrospective audits.

Drive innovation through data

SettleIndex provides a wealth of data that can be exported to data science teams, actuaries or existing modelling systems.


Litigation risk modelling

SettleIndex enables lawyers to construct financial models for disputes and enables clients to make informed, risk-based decisions.

Reporting & KPIs

SettleIndex creates key performance indicators for lawyers and provides visibility over litigation through visual dashboards and alerts.


Create financial models for disputes and make informed, risk-based decisions.

Change legal process and culture through data-driven risk management

Create KPIs for lawyers and get visibility through visual dashboards and alerts.

Inform litigation strategy and demonstrate a value driven approach.

Collect structured data on litigation and drive innovation in ways of working.

Make commercial decisions on settlement and reduce legal spend.

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