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Risk modelling for litigation

Construct financial models for litigation disputes and make informed, risk-based decisions on settlement. 

Litigation Risk Analysis

Model outcomes

Model potential outcomes, including damages, costs orders, interest and the impact of caps, policy limits or solvency.

Value disputes

Apply a professional view of the likelihood of different outcomes occurring to create a risk-based valuation of the case.

Understand the impact of costs

Model estimated, current and expected spend and view its impact on settlement values. Include the impact of non-recoverable costs such as management time or ATE insurance policies.

Simulate opponent viewpoints

Assess how your opponent may be viewing the case and identify reasonable settlement points between parties.

Calculate settlement ranges

Identify your settlement range and get a real time view of your settlement position and how it changes as costs are spent.

Identify settlement values

Calculate settlement values based on the value of the case to each party. Use them to benchmark final settlement values and monitor performance across cases.

Quantify cost savings

Quantify the potential legal cost saving from settlement or understand where losses have already been incurred.

Set targets

Set target values, calculate the potential gain, and benchmark actual vs target settlements over time.

Evaluate offers

Evaluate whether you would do better to accept or reject an offer and take the case to trial.


Work collaboratively with your dispute team through secure, cloud-based models. 


SettleIndex is valid in all legal jurisdictions, and can accommodate local legal practice.


Built on a secure cloud infrastructure with data protection and privacy at its core.


Reporting & KPIs

SettleIndex creates key performance indicators for lawyers and provides visibility over litigation through visual dashboards and alerts.

Litigation Data Collection

SettleIndex collects structured data on litigation, driving innovation in performance management and ways of working.


Create financial models for disputes and make informed, risk-based decisions.

Change legal process and culture through data-driven risk management

Create KPIs for lawyers and get visibility through visual dashboards and alerts.

Inform litigation strategy and demonstrate a value driven approach.

Collect structured data on litigation and drive innovation in ways of working.

Make commercial decisions on settlement and reduce legal spend.

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