Financial modelling for litigation

Build financial models, visual case maps and decision trees with a financial modelling platform tailored for litigation.

Litigation Decision Tree

Visual, interactive case maps

Visualise complex scenarios for clients with beautiful, interactive case maps. Create decision trees underpinned by powerful financial models.

Case Plans

Work better with clients and colleagues by visually mapping out the potential outcomes or decision points in a dispute.

Decision Trees

Build multi-level decision trees to visualise complex disputes, underpinned by powerful financial models.


Model unlimited number of scenarios and let SettleIndex compute complex mathematical calculations in real-time.

Litigation Data

Powerful scenario modelling

Build detailed economic models for potential outcomes with an intuitive interface and a range of financial modelling features tailored specifically for litigation disputes.


Model expected damages in different outcomes  and be confident in the calculations you provide to your clients.


Manage detailed budgets of recoverable and irrecoverable costs and model the potential impact of different scenarios on spend.

Cost Recovery

Include projected cost recovery or opponent costs payable in different scenarios and model the impact of irrecoverable costs.


Model the impact of interest on damages or caps as cases progress or the impact of differing interest rates in scenarios.

Caps & Limits

Understand the impact of contractual caps, insurance policy limits or opponent solvency on the value of your outcomes.

Conditional Fees

Model conditional fees and damages-based agreements to understand the impact these have on the case at different stages.


Improve client service

Work better with your clients by presenting clear visual case plans that summarise professional legal opinion.

Spend more time on strategy

Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time on strategic decisions. SettleIndex makes modelling financial outcomes simple and fast.

Deliver advice with confidence

Model complex scenarios efficiently, and be confident in the financial projections. Leave spreadsheets behind and reduce errors.



The most comprehensive cloud-based solution for modelling and visualising financial litigation disputes


Inform strategy, manage client expectations and satisfy regulators with advanced litigation risk analysis


Monitor case progress, optimise outcomes and learn from data with a powerful platform for financial analysis.

Live chat support

Get help in real time with live chat support included on all plans.

Expert consultancy

Book expert consultancy sessions for complex or high value disputes.

Team training

Learn how to assess risk in litigation with on-site or video call training.


Work collaboratively with your team and clients with cloud based models.


Valid in all legal jurisdictions and can accommodate local legal practice.