Optimise litigation through data

Monitor case progress, optimise outcomes and learn from data with a powerful platform for financial analysis.

Litigation Data

Monitor case progress

Monitor case progress with comparative metrics, cut through the noise with visual dashboards and quickly identify how cases are progressing.

Comparative Metrics

Get comparative metrics and key performance indicators for cases and enable partners, managers and clients to assess performance as matters progress and retrospectively.

Visual dashboards

Cut through the noise with precise financial data presented in visual dashboards. Quickly identify opportunities, potential losses and cost savings.

case history

Get an at-a-glance overview of how key metrics have changed throughout the case and retrospectively audit decision-making.

Optimise case outcomes

At the heart of SettleIndex is the power to change legal process by providing data to support earlier settlement decisions, increasing claims recovery and reducing costs.


Identify optimum settlement values for all parties in a dispute and increase recovery for claimants/plaintiffs.

reduce cost

Avoid costly defence and investigation processes by making earlier, risk-based settlement decisions with confidence.

quantify savings

Quantify cost savings from settlement and measure value provided with precise metrics for value realised and costs saved.

Learn from data

Analyse patterns and trends and support data initiatives by collecting structured data throughout the litigation process.

Collect Litigation Data

Build up a proprietary data set to inform future disputes and obtain a competitive advantage. Segment within the application or export via API.

Analyse Patterns and Trends

Analyse patterns and build reports based on your objectives. SettleIndex features an advanced data model designed for litigation.

Support Data Initiatives

Capture data in a common format and get comparative metrics between cases. Use it to inform future strategy or augment data science capabilities.


Improve client service

Increase client satisfaction and retention by demonstrating a commercial, value-driven approach to settlement.

Increase revenue

Increase revenue by identifying the optimum settlement value and timing in conditional fee and damages-based agreements.

Attract and retain business

Demonstrate a client-centric, value-driven approach to litigation and increase business development success.



The most comprehensive cloud-based solution for modelling and visualising financial litigation disputes


Inform strategy, manage client expectations and satisfy regulators with advanced litigation risk analysis


Monitor case progress, optimise outcomes and learn from data with a powerful platform for financial analysis.

Live chat support

Get help in real time with live chat support included on all plans.

Expert consultancy

Book expert consultancy sessions for complex or high value disputes.

Team training

Learn how to assess risk in litigation with on-site or video call training.


Work collaboratively with your team and clients with cloud based models.


Valid in all legal jurisdictions and can accommodate local legal practice.