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Make commercial decisions on dispute resolution

Make commercial decisions on settlement, reduce legal spend, and manage the performance of law firms.

SettleIndex for Corporates

Commercial settlement decisions

SettleIndex encourages a more commercial approach to litigation, by applying the principles of decision analysis to disputes. Make informed, risk-based commercial decisions on dispute resolution.

Free up management time and working capital

Discovery and court procedures mean the average case takes 1.6 years to resolve. SettleIndex enables you to make earlier, risk-based decisions, avoiding losses from unnecessary and expensive processes.

Take control of litigation

Litigation is a distress purchase where it’s easy to lose control of costs. SettleIndex gives corporate clients a way to take control of the litigation process and ensure lawyers are working in your interest.

Get more value out of legal vendors

SettleIndex provides a wealth of KPIs against which you can benchmark law firms, negotiate charging structures and drive efficiency improvements.


Create financial models for disputes and make informed, risk-based decisions.

Change legal process and culture through data-driven risk management

Create KPIs for lawyers and get visibility through visual dashboards and alerts.

Inform litigation strategy and demonstrate a value driven approach.

Collect structured data on litigation and drive innovation in ways of working.

Make commercial decisions on settlement and reduce legal spend.

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