Take control and get visibility over litigation

Use SettleIndex to reduce the cost of casualty claims and improve client service and capital management

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Better results

SettleIndex harnesses the experience of your panel and feedback from previous claims to improve settlements.

Better panel performance

SettleIndex helps you make sure your panel get to the right reserve and settle cases earlier.

Better capital management

SettleIndex can help to improve capital managment by reducing the overall cost of claims settlements.

Better results

Better settlements

Make targeted, earlier settlement decisions that reduce the risk of claims deteriorating or going to trial.

Better client service

Use SettleIndex to get buy in from your Insureds and make the claims process less painful for them.

Better accountability

Use SettleIndex to spot claims going wrong and to analyse where the claims process can be improved.

Common problems we solve

SettleIndex enables you and your lawyers to create a logical map of the issues in your case and model the financial impact of potential outcomes. Using your lawyer’s judgment of how likely outcomes are to occur, the software then helps you understand the value of the case and where a reasonable reserve may be.

SettleIndex helps align stakeholders around potential value, risks and costs. Once a case is formatted into a financial model it becomes difficult to argue with the output.

SettleIndex enables you to create a clear cost/benefit analysis to help demonstrate whether continued litigation or settlement is most beneficial.

SettleIndex enables you to reflect how your opponent may be viewing the case, which helps identify reasonable settlement ranges between parties.

SettleIndex still depends on the experience and gut feel of your lawyers to work out the value of cases; but in a transparent and auditable structure.

Litigation Data

Better panel performance

Exception reporting

SettleIndex helps you spot and focus time on claims that are not going to plan.

Consistent panel performance

Using a consistent structure for reporting risk will help you and your panel lawyers to identify the best resolution strategy.

Learn from data

Get a range of KPI’s to benchmark and improve panel performance.

Common problems we solve

SettleIndex converts legal advice into financial models, providing clients with clear financial reports to make decisions against.

SettleIndex stores structured data on cases, which can be a valuable source of reference for future disputes and creating a range of insights – from how well lawyers are able to forecast settlement values to when is the optimum point to settle a dispute.

Routinely modelling cases in SettleIndex will give you a repeatable experience and a feeling of control. Our Case History feature allows you to quickly identify where cases are diverging from their planned path.

Better capital management

Reduce the cost of claims

SettleIndex will help you to resolve cases more cheaply, by reducing unnecessary costs of unnecessarily prolonged claims resolution.

Better reserving

SettleIndex will help to set more accurate reserves earlier in the claims cycle.

Demonstrate good management

SettleIndex helps demonstrate proper managment of the claims process.

Common problems we solve

Taking cases to trial is inherently risky and unpredictable, that is why most cases are settled. Lawyers tend to be both over optimistic at the outset of a dispute and also not to account mathematically for the downside risk. SettleIndex counters the trend for step reserving.

SettleIndex takes a holistic approach and tries to find the settlement value that achieves the best balance between paying the claim and paying defence costs.

Implementing SettleIndex

Enterprise Cloud Platform

Take advantage of our highly-secure AWS infrastructure or deploy SettleIndex in your own cloud or data region.

Managed Service

Get immediate support on complex disputes from our litigation risk experts, utilised by some of the world’s leading law firms.


Valid in all legal jurisdictions and can accommodate local legal practice.


Independently audited and compliant with international information security standards.

Live Support

Get help in real time with live chat support included on all plans.