Robert Hogarth

I am a Founder and the CEO of SettleIndex. Through specifying and developing SettleIndex software I have become an expert in litigation risk analysis. With my career background I was well qualified by experience to focus SettleIndex on how to implement decision tree theory in live cases.

I was Senior Partner of RPC, a London Law Firm. I specialised in commercial disputes resolution, including around Insurance, Construction and Professional Negligence (Malpractice). In my career I acted equally for Claimants and Defendants, occasionally on a conditional fee basis; always focussed on litigation risk analysis.

I was a TeCSA accredited Construction Adjudicator, I am a practising mediator and edited Insurance Law for the Construction Industry, of which 2 editions were published by Oxford University Press.

Charles Szilagyi

  • Software engineer with 20 years of experience.
  • Consultant to household name brands (Sainsbury’s, Net-a-Porter, The Guardian).
  • Technical & team lead on multiple large-scale software projects.
  • Author of Best Practices – a recommendation on efficient software development.

Helen Dodds

I am an international lawyer, consultant and board member, a now non-practising UK solicitor, and hold a Centre For Effective Dispute Resolution (“CEDR”) mediation qualification. In my executive career I was for many years Global Head of Legal, Dispute Resolution, at Standard Chartered Bank, where I led the team that managed the bank’s major legal disputes and investigations globally.

I am committed to developing better and more accessible dispute resolution through technology and other means and was a member of the Commercial Dispute Resolution Working Group of the UK Ministry of Justice sponsored LawtechUK initiative. There I co-steered a project to create a feasibility study and proof of concept for an online dispute resolution system to benefit small businesses. I have also consulted on a feasibility study for an online court in Eastern Europe and am a member of the Advisory Board of pinqDR, an online arbitration provider.

I am an Honorary Senior Fellow of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (“BICCL”). There I co-wrote the BIICL Guidelines on more constructive commercial dispute resolution and worked on and participated in a joint podcast series on this topic with CEDR. I am also a director of LegalUK, a think tank that promotes the use of English Law and UK legal services globally. I was formerly a non-executive director in the London Court of International Arbitration and a member of the Development Board of the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

I also sit on a number of other boards, including two UK government regulators.

Robert Howells

I have decades of experience in business-to-business sales, marketing, and advertising, supporting companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. I have lived and worked in Europe, Australia, and the United States, and also managed businesses in Asia Pacific and Latin America. I have run the international operation of a leading, publicly owned, US marketing services company.

I have particular expertise in driving revenue for technology and software companies, and I embrace all aspects of digital and direct marketing. These include the importance of data analysis, persona creation, and appropriate content delivered through an understanding of the buyer’s journey.

Simon Goldring

I am a mediator of commercial disputes and before that I was a disputes solicitor with almost 30 years experience, the last 18 as a partner at one of the UK’s leading commercial and professional services law firms, with extensive experience of resolving commercial, company, professional indemnity and insurance disputes.

It is obvious to me when a party has modelled the litigation risk prior to a mediation – they are well prepared, adaptable and have a clear and purposeful negotiation strategy.