Helen Dodds

I am an international lawyer, consultant and board member, a now non-practising UK solicitor, and hold a Centre For Effective Dispute Resolution (“CEDR”) mediation qualification. In my executive career I was for many years Global Head of Legal, Dispute Resolution, at Standard Chartered Bank, where I led the team that managed the bank’s major legal disputes and investigations globally.

I am committed to developing better and more accessible dispute resolution through technology and other means and was a member of the Commercial Dispute Resolution Working Group of the UK Ministry of Justice sponsored LawtechUK initiative. There I co-steered a project to create a feasibility study and proof of concept for an online dispute resolution system to benefit small businesses. I have also consulted on a feasibility study for an online court in Eastern Europe and am a member of the Advisory Board of pinqDR, an online arbitration provider.

I am an Honorary Senior Fellow of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (“BICCL”). There I co-wrote the BIICL Guidelines on more constructive commercial dispute resolution and worked on and participated in a joint podcast series on this topic with CEDR. I am also a director of LegalUK, a think tank that promotes the use of English Law and UK legal services globally. I was formerly a non-executive director in the London Court of International Arbitration and a member of the Development Board of the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law.

I also sit on a number of other boards, including two UK government regulators.