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Data-driven litigation strategy

Inform litigation strategy through financial modelling and attract new business by demonstrating a value-driven approach to litigation.

Inform litigation strategy

Provide your team with a tailor-made solution for modelling risk in litigation. Augment professional judgment with an scientific approach to dispute resolution.

SettleIndex is the most comprehensive solution available for modelling risk in litigation. Work better with clients by producing clear risk assessments that help them understand when to settle and at what value.

Litigation Risk Analysis

Demonstrate a value-driven approach

SettleIndex enables law firms to demonstrate a focus on client service and innovation by introducing key performance indicators for litigation.

Demonstrate value

Provide clients with clear reports that show you are taking the cost of litigation into account and constantly working in their best interests.

Attract and retain business

Attract new business and increase client satisfaction by demonstrating a commercial, value-driven approach to dispute resolution.

Model conditional fees

Increase margins on conditional fee agreements by modelling potential outcomes and sharing in gains from earlier settlements.

Collect data for competitive advantage

Build up a proprietary data set of litigation activity to inform future disputes, benchmark your team and obtain competitive advantage. 

SettleIndex creates a wealth of proprietary data by structuring the opinion of lawyers into financial models. Use the data to benchmark the performance of your team, inform future disputes and demonstrate an innovative approach to clients.


Create financial models for disputes and make informed, risk-based decisions.

Change legal process and culture through data-driven risk management

Create KPIs for lawyers and get visibility through visual dashboards and alerts.

Inform litigation strategy and demonstrate a value driven approach.

Collect structured data on litigation and drive innovation in ways of working.

Make commercial decisions on settlement and reduce legal spend.

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