Data-driven litigation strategy

Use SettleIndex to inform case strategy, improve client service and collect structured data on litigation.

Inform strategy and visualise risk

Augment professional judgment with the power of decision analysis using the most comprehensive solution for analysing risk in litigation.

Quantify the value of cases

Quantify the value of your case with an extensive range of financial modelling features tailored specifically for litigation disputes.

Visualise risk

Create interactive, visual risk reports and work better with clients. Collaborate with your team through secure, cloud-based models.

Support professional judgment

Support your professional judgment with objective financial metrics that help clients make informed financial decisions.

Improve client service and attract business

Improve client relationships and attract new business by demonstrating a commercial, data-driven approach to dispute resolution. 

Improve client service

Demonstrate a focus on client service and value by helping clients understand the impact of costs on case strategy.

Attract and retain business

Support business development by demonstrating an innovative, data-driven approach to dispute resolution.

Increase margins

Increase margins on conditional fee agreements by modelling outcomes and sharing in gains from earlier settlements.

Collect and leverage data

Collect proprietary data, benchmark the performance of your team, inform future cases and provide increased value to clients.

Obtain competitive advantage

Collect data on litigation and use it to inform future case strategy, obtain competitive advantage and provide value-add services.

Support data initiatives

Export to data science teams or existing data sets to support existing initiatives or analyse data within the application.

Benchmark performance

Track comparative metrics across lawyers, industries, jurisdictions and case types and obtain valuable insights.


Work collaboratively with your team and clients with cloud based models.


SettleIndex is valid in all legal jurisdictions and can accommodate local legal practice.