SettleIndex selected for Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 6. Find out more.

Risk modelling and decision analysis for litigation

SettleIndex is a risk modelling and decision analysis platform that enables lawyers and clients to work better together.

Build financial models for disputes, inform settlement strategy and reduce the time and cost of resolving disputes.

Create key performance indicators for cases and get visibility over progress through visual dashboards and reports.

Collect structured data on litigation and drive innovation in performance management and ways of working.


Reduce the cost of handling casualty claims and coverage disputes, improve case reserve accuracy and streamline case management.

Inform litigation strategy through financial modelling and attract business by demonstrating a value-driven approach.

Make commercial decisions on settlement, reduce legal spend, and manage the performance of law firms.

A highly secure cloud application with data protection at its core

SettleIndex was built to handle confidential data. Application security is periodically audited by a third party, client data is completely private and we follow international standards for information security management. 

Restricted access to client data
Multi-factor authentication
Privacy and security by design
Periodic penetration testing
Secure cloud infrastructure
Model-level access permissions
Lloyd's Lab

SettleIndex has been selected as one of eleven startups from 177 applications to join the next cohort of the insurtech accelerator.

Lloyd's Lab

Create financial models for disputes and inform litigation strategy

Change legal process and culture through data-driven risk management

Create KPIs for cases and track progress through visual reports and dashboards

Inform litigation strategy and work better with clients

Collect structured data on litigation and drive innovation in ways of working.

Make commercial decisions on settlement and reduce legal spend.

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