The Value of Sunk Costs

It is a cliche of decision tree analysis (and a true one) that what you have already spent in pursuing or defending a claim is not relevant to evaluating its settlement value. If you must sink costs, be seen to sink them wisely!

Case Study 1

How Settleindex could have saved $300,000 and 8 months! 

This case study shows how SettleIndex can reduce the cost of resolving disputes.

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Knowing your own position is not enough. In this short article we explain how the Settle Chart works and how you can use Opponent Values to identify the shared Settlement Position.

Brief Introduction to Litigation Risk

Calculating the value of an uncertain event, such as the Outcome of a Trial, is an established branch of mathematics. Now, with its new Casebot, SettleIndex has for the first time made it easy for any lawyer to use scientific principles for estimating the settlement value of disputes.