A complete platform for litigation risk

Improve outcomes and reduce risk through financial modelling, risk analysis and litigation data

Financial modelling

Model financial outcomes with a solution tailored to the litigation process.

Risk analysis

Build decision trees, quantify risk and identify settlement opportunities.

Litigation data

Monitor case progress, get visibility over volume litigation and learn from data.

Litigation Decision Tree

Create visual, interactive decision trees

Visualise scenarios and decision points with interactive decision trees underpinned by powerful financial models.

Litigation Financial Modeling

Model financial outcomes with ease

Build detailed economic models for outcomes with an intuitive interface tailored for the litigation process.


Model damages payable or receivable between parties in different outcomes.


Understand the impact that recoverable and irrecoverable costs have on the value of the case.

Cost recovery

Include projected cost recovery or opponent costs payable.


Model the impact of interest on damages and the impact of differing interest rates in scenarios.

Caps & limits

Model the impact of contractual caps, insurance policy limits or solvency issues.

Conditional fees

Model conditional fees and damages-based agreements and view the impact on all parties.

Litigation Cost/Benefit Analysis

Analyse litigation risk

Manage client expectations and inform strategy with a range of ways to analyse and visualise risk in litigation.


Analyse the probability of outcomes occurring and identify the most likely scenarios.


Create clear cost/benefit analysis of litigation or settlement for clients.

Strategy comparison

Compare strategies or differing opinions and decide on the optimum route based on risk.

Identify settlement opportunities

Simulate opponent viewpoints, identify settlement opportunities and evaluate offers with a powerful platform for settlement analysis.

Simulate opponent viewpoints

Simulate opponent viewpoints, behaviour or psychology and understand the impact it may have on settlement strategy.

Identify optimum settlements

Identify optimum settlement ranges and values between parties based on the relative risk to each side. 

Litigation Data

Collect and learn from data

Monitor case progress with comparative metrics, cut through the noise with visual dashboards and quickly identify how cases are progressing.

Comparative metrics

Get comparative metrics and key performance indicators for cases and enable partners, managers and clients to assess performance.

Visual dashboards

Cut through the noise with precise financial data presented in visual dashboards. Quickly identify opportunities, potential losses and cost savings.

Case history

Get an at-a-glance overview of how key metrics have changed throughout the case and retrospectively audit decision-making.


Valid in all legal jurisdictions and can accommodate local legal practice.


Independently audited and compliant with international information security standards.

Live Support

Get help in real time with live chat support included on all plans.